Not all that glitters is gold. > 1

Personally, I like using social media. I know it's controversial and all, but at the end of the day, we all use it, whether we actively participate in it or not. But a big problem that has fortunately been getting more attention lately, is that everything seems way too perfect on the internet. The way... Continue Reading →

Gran Canaria Road Trip.

Honestly, I wasn't planning on getting out a new post before finishing exams, but I was feeling really inspired in class (or do you call that boredom then...?) the other day, so I finally got around to jotting down notes for this post - about a trip I took at the end of last June.... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Highlights.

Hi everyone. It's been a little longer than anticipated with everything going on but here goes. If you follow my instagram (@flightsandfreeways) you'll already know I spent a week in Hong Kong a month ago. As there are a million things to do and see, fitting everything into one week is impossible. In Hong Kong... Continue Reading →

How to pack for a year abroad.

We've all been there: you're about to leave for vacation or any kind of trip and just can't get yourself to starting packing because you simply don't know what to bring...and then we all end up taking 23 different outfits for 7 days but forget our toothpastes and passports. So what on earth are you... Continue Reading →

Volunteering abroad.

This post is going to be about something that is very close to my heart, therefore I kind of don't really know where to begin since I want to include everything that is important to me on this topic but it might end up being a little bit all over the place. Let's start with... Continue Reading →

Rome in 24 hours.

All roads lead to Rome...right? Right. So a few weeks ago, I took a rather spontaneous trip to the capital of Italy. Although it was my second visit to this city already, I was nevertheless enchanted by its beauty. I did actually spend more than a day there, but I came to find that I... Continue Reading →

Introducing me.

Welcome to my new travel blog. My name is Fee, I’m 19 years old and from Munich, Germany. I come from a family of travel-loving parents who spent their honeymoon backpacking in Venezuela, so ever since I was young, I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten the chance to travel to many destinations all over... Continue Reading →

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