Hong Kong Highlights.

Hi everyone.

It’s been a little longer than anticipated with everything going on but here goes. If you follow my instagram (@flightsandfreeways) you’ll already know I spent a week in Hong Kong a month ago. As there are a million things to do and see, fitting everything into one week is impossible. In Hong Kong you can find activities for everyone, whether it be hiking or shopping or swimming, but in this post I’m only going to focus on my five personal highlights that include some of the SAR’s main tourist attractions but also some less visited places.



Number one – of course – has got to be a classic: the skyline. Nevertheless though tourists and locals alike line up every evening to watch the sun set behind the skyscrapers and the sea. I don’t know what it is about skylines at night or where this fascination comes from but it gets me every time.



This quiet little fishing village truly enchanted me. It is located on Lantau Island and is a perfect place to stop for a meal before or after visiting the Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha. Tai O is mostly famous for its stilt houses, but also has some temples, local restaurants and shops. It just has this magic to it. Also, make sure to stop by Oh Goods when you’re there to pick up some cute souvenirs.



Victoria Peak is another very “mainstream” but nevertheless beautiful Hong Kong activity nobody misses during their visit to the SAR. After taking the Peak Tram, which already offered a little insight on the view that was to come, we didn’t actually go up to the famous 360° Sky Terrace because the tickets were much more expensive than just the tram by itself. Instead we decided to tag along the Hong Kong Trail for a few kilometers to enjoy the view from there, which is a great option if you’re traveling on a budget.



The Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery are probably a must-see for all tourists. As I had never been to Asia before apart from the Arabian Peninsula, the “Big Buddha” statue was especially impressive to me. From atop you also get to enjoy a beautiful view over the landscape of Lantau Island, which is where the complex is situated.



I saved the best for last – Cheung Chau definitely was my personal highlight. After spending four days in the concrete jungle, I was so excited to explore this very small, less visited island. From the harbour in Central it can easily be reached by ferry in a good half hour. It is the perfect destination for a day trip as you can hike around the entire island in about 5-6 hours (that’s how long it took us very average hikers with few stops expect for a beach break). Make sure you pass by the North Lookout Pavilion and Pak Tso Wan Beach, which was my absolute favorite. We had it all to ourselves on a Thursday afternoon, and if you start your tour by heading north from the port first, you will reach this spot towards the end of the hike so it’s ideal to relax in the sand after all the walking.

I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from this post, now I’m going to leave you with some more impressions from my trip as they are too beautiful not to share. Have a good one!


There’s so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights.

Motionless in White

All photos featured belong to me and were taken on a Canon EOS 1100D.



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